As our name implies, at StampSource, we specialize in precision stamping. Our success as a provider of metal stampings is built on the wide variety of stamping process that we offer. From progressive die stamping, deep drawing and coining to punching, continuous strip, flat blanking and much more. The versatility of our manufacturing capabilities allows us to utilize the most efficient processes for a given design. For our customers, this means excellent quality, delivery and value for their products.

We operate presses that range from 35 to 500 tons, with speeds of up to 120 cycles per minute and feed rates of up to 3’ per second, with a maximum press stroke of 24”. These stamping presses feature maximum bed dimensions of 60” in width and 120” in length and can accommodate work pieces up to 36” in width, thickness of 0.003” to 0.375” and from 0.010” to 999” in length. Our stamping operations are geared for precision, providing production tolerances to ±0.001”. We also offer a wide range of secondary operations that allow us to act as a single source solution for metal stamping. These include assembly, plating, anodizing, heat treating and much more.

As a leader in metal stamping, we adhere to the highest standards for quality; we practice lean methodologies throughout our organization and hold an ISO 9001:2008 certification. These factors ensure that we can exceed our customer’s expectations, regardless of project size or complexity.

To learn more about all of our capabilities, or the advantages of working with an industry leader, contact us directly.

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