At StampSource, progressive die stamping is one of our strengths. This project demonstrates our ability to leverage the power of progressive die stamping to consolidate a four-piece assembly into a single stamped part. The one-piece design improved performance attributes while significantly decreasing the manufacturing costs.

Expensive to manufacture, this school bus windguard / hinge arm previously consisted of four different part numbers. Its design did not integrate neatly into the safety arm assembly, which resulted in an unacceptably high rate of failure in motor operation.

With their expertise in industrial design, our engineers re-designed the part as a one-piece component with a base size that allowed for use with a more reliable motor option. Progressive die stamping enabled us to perform complex in-press operations within the progressive die tool at fast cycle times with close tolerance precision and a high degree of part-to-part repeatability. We designed and built all of the tooling in-house within a compressed time period to accommodate the client’s production schedule.

Production involves progressive die stamping 12-gauge galvannealed steel using a 275-ton press. We use a 60-ton assembly press to insert stainless steel clinch studs and then apply a black electro-coated finish. Components feature dimensions of 18.5” x 12” and we place them in specially designed protective packaging for storage and shipment.

The redesigned part is much less costly to produce. School bus arms are an important feature for ensuring the safety of children and the improved design allows for reliable motor operation and arm movement under all operating conditions. We supply the assembly at the rate of 36,000 using a just-in-time delivery model.

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