End-to-End Sourcing Solution for Transformer Components

At StampSource, we recently undertook a massive project that involved ongoing manufacturing of more than 50 different transformer components. With production levels of close to two million parts per year, this program presented us with an opportunity to expand our capacity while providing the customer with an end-to-end sourcing solution that included tooling production, progressive die stamping, packaging and inventory tracking for just-in-time fulfillment.

This family of stamped parts includes stainless steel, carbon steel and copper components fabricated from up to ¼” thick sheet and measuring as large as 30” x 30”. After examining all of the different production requirements, our project management team concluded that neither our press capacity nor our auxiliary production equipment was sufficient to handle the larger parts. We also had to work with existing tooling from another vendor.

We made the decision to acquire new presses: a 275-ton and 400-ton press both with integrated feed lines as well as a third press rated at 500-tons. We also expanded our die handling and maintenance capabilities to accommodate large-sized die sets and components as well as adding large capacity vibratory deburring equipment. As the existing dies were transferred to our facility, we made modifications to ensure accurate and repeatable production on our equipment.

After conducting trial runs to confirm all aspects of part quality, we scaled up to production levels on a strict timetable to provide an uninterrupted supply of parts to the customer. Currently, production takes place on seven different presses with many parts requiring secondary operations or processing before packaging and shipping. We make daily shipments to the customer based on a Kanban/Pull system. With our willingness to expand our services and take on this project, we now play a critical role that drives speed and economy in this customer’s supply chain.

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