At StampSource, we specialize in developing manufacturing solutions for customers across a broad range of industries. In this project highlight, we worked with a manufacturer of retail point of sale security solutions on a camera bracket kit that would secure the expensive camera lens but still allow retail customers to handle the product. As a consumer product, it needed to not only be true to the design intent, but it also required a level of aesthetic appeal that would boost sales in this competitive market. The project required aggressive pricing with an accelerated timeline to meet the scheduled product launch. In addition to complete design and manufacturing, we also provided kitting, packaging and logistical support, all within a three-week time frame.

Success on a project this complex required us to work closely with the customer, as there were 20 variations of the design, all of which had to be delivered to a multiple retail locations. The process started with design and testing of the prototypes, followed by full expedited production upon prototype approval. Production included precision laser cutting of cold rolled steel, followed by tapping, etching, black e-coating, assembly and kitting. Finished parts measured 3.5″ x 2″, and were manufactured to tolerances of ±0.002″. The assembled kits were packaged, labelled and shipped to their designated location.

This project not only exhibits the diverse level of service we provide but is an example of all of our departments working in unison. The customer was very pleased with the results and continues to send us similar projects. For more information on this project, or the processes used to complete it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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